Everyone thinks they can write.

And it’s true – everyone can write. But not everyone writes well.

The potential of online copy shouldn’t be overlooked. It engages readers, helps them move around your site and convert.

online copywriting

So, how do you make your writing better? Slip in rhetorical questions to set you up to introduce your topic? ….Sometimes. 😛

Rather than give you a thousand word explanation of how to convert visitors to buyers, today I want to share three tools that have benefited me.

We all need a little help sometimes and these free tools keep your writing at its best:

  • Grammarly – Grammarly is your personal proof-reader. The tool spots mistakes you missed in proofing, like absent words or misspellings. It also offers tips to make your writing more concise.
  • Hemingway Editor – Hemingway Editor scores your writing on its readability and offers suggestions to make it clearer and more engaging.
  • SMOG – The SMOG calculator gives you an idea of the reading ability a prospect or user needs to understand your writing. It’s ideal for those of you writing for different audiences, to check the tone is suitable.

As with all writing, the most important things to consider are where it’s published and who’s reading it. Some of these tips may not be relevant when writing a whitepaper for business leaders, for example.

But the most effective online copywriting is simple, natural and recognisable. So, put these tips to use next time you’re crafting copy.


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