This week I want to cover off on the critical elements a website needs to fulfill its primary purpose.

So, “What is a website?

This might sound like a silly or obvious question as we visit and use them all the time.

But I think as business owners it is one that we need to ask ourselves from time and time.

And in particular remind ourselves of the answer.

So take a moment to answer this in your mind…. (*moments up*)

The correct answer is a salesperson.


working on website design

Your website is your salesperson.


That’s right,  the purpose of your website is to sell.

To sell a potential client on taking the first step towards becoming a client.

That really is the sole purpose of a website.

This means your website needs a few critical things to succeed.

1. An attention grabbing top section.

2. Excellent persuasive sales copy.

3. A great offer.

4. Compelling reasons to take action right now.

Does yours have these 4 key elements?

Now, if your particular niche within the industry is a little more complex, you may need to consider how you ‘educate’ your prospect. But this is normally a multi-step or multi-touchpoint process. And when you think about it, the same 4 steps apply.

Make a note of these 4 elements and check out your website now.

Better yet get someone else to check it because they will be objective and you are likely a little too close to it.

So always remind yourself that the purpose of your website is to sell.  Nothing more, nothing less.



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