Last year, one of our software suppliers (Ahrefs) studied almost a billion web pages to see how many of them are totally invisible.

In other words: they receive no organic search traffic from Google or Bing whatsoever.

It’s a bit hard to grow your leads and enquiries when nobody visits your website(!)

Do you want to be in that invisible ~91%?

This week, I wanted to highlight the reality of Google.

Without SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)—it’s likely where you’ll end up.

For those too shy to ask, SEO is basically made of two things:

  • What you say about your website  (On-Page Optimisation)
  • What other websites say about your website (Off-Page or Link Building)

Here is a chart showing the average number of unique backlinks on the left and the number of website visitors on the bottom axis.

If you’re sitting at the intersection of 0 and 0 in that chart, it’s not where you want to stay.

Organic traffic comes from your site ranking for keywords in Google search, and you usually need at least some referring domains to do that.

As a helpful starting point here are two links to introductory articles that are helpful for getting started yourself:


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