Over the past few years, page speed has become very important in terms of your businesses website traffic and rankings.

People want fast sites — and because users want fast sites, Google does, too.

“Sites that are fast do better than slow sites in Google’s search engine rankings”

Now, there are areas related to page speed where you need technical developers who can change how the stack loads and optimise your server performance. (Yep, it’s as hectic as it sounds)

However, not all issues of page load are complicated or require much technical knowledge.

In this case, the issue we are talking about is image size.

Images are often a major issue for sites with slow page load.

Luckily, optimising images for increased rankings can be made dead easy.

Simply head over to ShortPixel and install their WordPress plugin (free option available).

Checkout the following example. The image size was reduced by 85%!

Note, I don’t mean the actual size of the image on the page, we are strictly speaking about the size of the image file.


You can also head directly to the plugin page on WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortpixel-image-optimiser/

We use this one and many sites and it is nothing short of life-saving. Enjoy!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.