This is a question that gets asked pretty frequently by practice owners trying to get more phone calls from their Google My Business:

What URL or page should I link my GMB listing to?  The homepage?  A location page?  Something else?

We wanted to test & measure how the Google My Business landing page impacted ranking in the local pack (3-pack).

Well we didn’t end up having to do the test ourselves, as our industry colleague Joy Hawkins had just completed a solid test with a personal injury law firm in New York City (a very competitive industry in a very competitive location).

While this is a different niche and location to you, chiropractors, I guarantee the findings are applicable.

We see similar results with client work all the time.

The Google My Business listing used was Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf, a personal injury law firm in New York City.  Their office has existed for over 100 years, and subsequently, they have a lot of listings for the individual lawyers that work there.

The issue is that a lot of the practitioner listings don’t appear at all (Google filters them out!) since they’re all using the same category and are located at the same office.

They took one of the listings that wasn’t ranking anywhere and changed the URL on the Google My Business listing to point to the “bus accident page” instead of the “homepage”.

And guess what??

The results showed that the landing page did have an impact.  The presence of “bus accident” queries on the landing page content and in the URL increased the relevance for the listing and the ranking increased as a result.

See the screenshots below:






The green in the map means that it is now appearing in the top 3 listings when someone searches in that location.

So… what does this mean for you and your practice?

The content on the specific page you link to is important and impacts ranking in the local results.  For most businesses, it makes sense to link to the homepage since that URL has the most backlinks from other websites, and typically the most relevant content.

However, for some businesses, using a strategy like this can help provide significantly better rankings and therefore enquiries and phone calls.

This is particularly important for those of you with multiple locations you service or multiple listings on Google.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.