A while ago I shared which button colours get the most clicks.

Well before you go optimising for the best button colour (it’s probably red or green), you need to focus on this first.

Generic Call To Actions (CTA) like “Sign up”, “Get quote” or “Enquire” won’t give you the best conversion rates.

A few minutes spent improving the copy will give you an easy conversion rate win.

Start with a CTA that starts with the word “Yes.” 

It’s highly effective psychologically because it paints the offer in a positive light.

Like this:


Try this formula: Yes, I want [your offer]!

It works a lot better than generic CTA copy.

This is another place where I use Crazy Egg (heat maps) heavily. 

I try different CTA buttons and copy to see which one’s get the best clicks Heatmaps and recordings tell you when users avoid your CTAs. 

Then you know you have a problem and need to spend time improving the CTA copy.

Looking to get more from your website and marketing?

We are doing a handful of complimentary reviews for the remainder of this week. 

Simply reply with:
“Yes, I want to get more clients”


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