What would 3 additional new patients each week mean for your practice?

They’re out there, and this week we want to talk about how to make sure that your website is designed to capture their attention and their business!

The Internet is a big place, it can be scary, offensive and weird.

But it can also be the best way to connect with a customer base that might never even know you exist.

The key is your homepage.🔑

This week, we want to share with you these 4 easy steps to ensure that you are taking every opportunity to attract new leads to your business through your homepage.


Person Using Laptop Visiting A Website


1. Introduce yourself, and your unique selling proposition immediately.

The first step is making it abundantly clear to anyone who visits your site who you are and what you do.

Sounds basic, right? It’s shocking how many Practices get that precisely wrong.

Imagine that no one has heard of you, and that a visitor somehow landed on your homepage by mistake…..

What is the quickest, cleanest, easiest way to explain who you are?

Cut it all down to the basics.

In the movie business, they have what’s called the “elevator pitch.” (You may have heard of this)

Essentially, the idea is that you get into an elevator and there’s Steven Spielberg. You have the duration of that elevator ride to sell him on your movie. You cut out every extraneous detail, smooth over every subplot, and tell him only the most interesting, relevant facts. ⏲️

What makes your clinic uniquely you?

Tell your audience about it on your homepage.


2. Figure out what your patients want, and give it to them.

Remember, your homepage doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your site speaks directly to your patients.

When designing your homepage, think about what they want – if you can identify what pains your patients are experiencing or why they might need or want your service, it makes writing the copy for your website a lot easier for you.

You are basically writing  “Here is how we will solve your problems.”

Put yourself in the headspace of a person from your community who is looking for a new Chiropractor.

What are their concerns?

Highlight the service section too, if you are experiencing lower back pain – click here, for knee pain, click here, are you a migraine sufferer? Click here!

The good news is this isn’t a guessing game and shouldn’t be. While knowing your market and what makes you tick as a practice is important, you have a tool at your disposal that makes site optimisation largely a science.

Using analytic tools like Google Analytics, you can see exactly what your patients are doing on your website and that will inform exactly what you should be focused on.

But even more than that, think about what sort of impression you want to convey.

Colours are keyed to certain emotions.  Blue, for example, has a calming, professional look. If you’re marketing to families, that might be a good colour to base your site around.


3. Be available where your patients want to find you (Device Compatibility)

Once you’ve set the stage, you want to make certain this thing is user friendly, and your two major concerns there are

1. What device your users are on ; and

2. Where they want to go.

For the first, make certain the site is optimised for whatever device your user happens to be browsing on.

The most obvious are laptops and smartphones, but who knows what someone might have? Just because a person likes browsing on their tablet like a maniac doesn’t mean they aren’t a potential patient who deserves a good online experience!


4. Lead the Horse to Water- Every Call to Action should be obvious and orchestrated by you!

For the second (where they want to go), ensure your users know where to go next.

Sounds simple, right?

The goal is to show the user where to click next, what their next move should be.

Make the search bar obvious. Have the menus be easy to find and navigate. There’s nothing like losing a patient who can’t navigate your homepage.

And, don’t make it difficult for a potential lead to reach you! If you prefer to do business on the phone, have a “click to call” button hovering, if you prefer email, set up a contact form that is prominent and quick to complete.

While all of that might sound overwhelming, it does not need to be. Start with the biggest opportunity for your site first.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.