Display advertising has been around almost as long as the concept of making money on the Internet.

Initially taking the form of banner ads, display advertising has undergone advances as technology has improved and websites have found new ways to monetise content (thanks paywalls)

This week, we’re talking about display ads and answering any questions you might have on how to get the most effective ones for your practice.

Most display ads you see online will be either

a) Facebook;  or
b) Google ads.

They will be targeted to you by harvesting information from your browsing history and featuring related products – this is generally referred to as a re-marketing ad.


Others will use that same browsing history or likes to determine if you match a certain audience – if you do you’ll be served up relevant ads.

Because the ads are tailored specifically to the individual’s browsing history, likes, or engagement, they’re more likely to get in front of a user who wants the product or service in question.

For a significant number of users, your display ad will be the first impression they have of your practice, so make it a good one. The design should be dynamic, with clear branding, and the offers presented should be relevant to the consumer.

Your goal is to get a user to click through that ad and wind up on a place where they can submit a lead.

Avoid overly complicated designs and use as little text as possible.

You want something simple that can catch the eye, and obvious enough that the patient knows what they’re getting into.

Simple and clean are the watchwords of an effective display ad.

When you talk with a consultant about designing your display ads, give them plenty of examples of ads you like. Before committing to an approach, think about who your patients are and how best to address their specific needs.

Simplicity and familiar branding is best.

Plentiful negative space is perceived as calming and welcoming, two things that are in high demand these days.

Again, keeping your ad as simple and clear as possible will increase the likelihood that a prospect will click on it.

With so many different advertising options at your disposal it’s easy to overlook display advertising.

It requires focused attention to design best practices, which a lot of other ad formats don’t need to take into consideration.

That said, display ads can be really useful for re-engaging lost traffic or just plain old engaging with new prospects who fit your target audience.


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