Pepsi-Cola made a poor choice when it first got started.

It picked red and blue as the brand’s colours.

Red to symbolise cola and blue in an attempt to differentiate the brand from Coca-Cola.

For years Pepsi has struggled with a less-than-ideal response to Coke’s colour strategy.

Be honest when you answer this question:…

In your mind’s eye, doesn’t the world seem to be awash in Coca-Cola signs?

And isn’t it hard to picture many Pepsi-Cola signs?

Pepsi is out there, but the lack of a unique differentiating colour tends to make Pepsi invisible in a sea of Coca-Cola red.

So what’s the lesson here for your business?

Branding is important. And after your business name, the colour is the strongest brand signal you have.

different examples of colourful canned drinks

Some advice:
Look around at your largest competitors and make sure you are not getting lost in a colour they already dominate with.

Choose a distinct and most importantly different one!

Of course, most of us aren’t in a position to undertake an entire rebrand – but this doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of a secondary colour to your website, marketing materials or even an alternate logo that will set you apart!

Be bold 😀


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