Ever heard of the “Big Fish, Smaller Pond” strategy?

We are going to touch on it this week, but before we do… picture this:

You’re preparing to re-launch your clinic.

You’d likely have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even years determining what sets your clinic apart from the competition and developing your “brand identity”.

But how can you ensure your marketing efforts are aligned with your brand?

Branding plays an essential role in a business’ development and consistent brand presentation increases revenue up to 23%.

When consumers visit your company website, view an ad, or check out your Facebook page, each piece of content should clearly communicate your  business’ core values and brand.

So, the question then is how can you approach positioning your business relative to your competitors?

Today we have a VERY handy cheat sheet for you.


Styles of positioning cheat sheet

Styles of positioning cheat sheet


This table is courtesy of the positioning expert, April Dunford, and if you can’t already tell the “big fish, smaller pond” strategy, is my favourite go-to.

Most marketing and business growth challenges often come down to poor positioning.

This is really worth holding onto.


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