LinkedIn is having a bit of a ‘coming of age’ more recently.For a long time I never paid it any attention. I felt it was like a partner who demanded a lot of time but gave little of substance in return.

But, I am finding that for some businesses it can be a gold mine.

However, the recent algorithm change on LinkedIn is sensitive. So you need to know how to work it just right.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a rule I call:

blue bicycles with LinkedIn logo

The Golden Hour on LinkedIn 

Did you know, that in order to have the most positive engagement effects on LinkedIn, you need to respond to comments within an hour after you’ve posted your content?

It is during the first hour where your post and the conversation it generates are scored and measured by LinkedIn, and it is determined how far outside your first degree network that LinkedIn will promote your post.

Bonus tip: Comments are worth 6 times as many points as a “like!”

The latest algorithm views comments as a major engagement metric, “… returning twice as many views as likes and eight times as many as shares” according to the research by LinkedIn expert Richard van der Blom.

Maximizing on comments within the first hour of posting will increase your views on LinkedIn exponentially.

If your post receives 10 comments within the first hour, the post will generally receive 1,000+ views in 24 hours.

So, be proactive and don’t wait too long before engaging with your network’s comments in your posts or lose the chance at a good engagement and wider distribution on LinkedIn.

🤔 How often do you respond to comments others make on your posts?


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