Why do your patients choose you?

We all have some idea of what our “unique selling point” is, and we all definitely have opinions about the many ways in which we are better than our competition 😏

Today, I want to chat about the psychological reasons and triggers you can apply to your marketing.

This prompts your potential market to choose to do business with YOU over your competitors.

Some of our long time readers may remember late last year we talked about the customer experience and the “magic moments” of customer delight that lead them down the path of the consumer journey to the point where they love paying you.

Here is a quick refresh:

consumer journey from awareness to loyalty


Courtesy of a recent study, here are 6 psychological principles, to apply to your marketing that will draw your prospects from “Awareness” to “Purchase.”

1. Novelty

Advertise new, original, or thoroughly remixed things that the audience hasn’t seen a hundred times before.

This one appeals to the human instinct of “keeping up with trends” , “having your finger on the pulse” or even just craving something new and unknown.

Now, this sounds more difficult than it is in practice – if you improve an offer or a product, be sure to convey that in your marketing through words like “New”, “Improved” “Announcing……”


2. The Burden of Choice

We keep thinking more options are better. We keep being wrong about it.

This one can be very simply explained – having too many options is stressful.

Reduce the amount of choices that stand between your prospect and doing business with you.


3. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

The sting of loss is twice as bad as the thrill of gain; plan your messaging accordingly.

It is proven that a loss is felt more than a gain.

Our advice on this one?  Gamify your customer journey – are their rewards for signing up to a webinar?

Can you incentivise or create a “moment not to miss” along the way for your prospects to provoke loss aversion?


4. Herd Mentality

We naturally pay attention to other people and look for leads to follow—so make those “leads” visible!

Offer “social proof” to your prospects in the form of “number of patients” “most popular” products and services, and of course, share testimonials and case studies wherever possible!


5. Confirmation Bias

People can’t agree with you, much less gravitate to you, if you never say anything they can latch onto.

Show off what you have in common with your prospects and that you understand why they need your product/service.


6. The Long Game

The first 80% of the info captures attention and the remaining 20% is (until the end) the mystery keeping them hooked.

You know the movies that have a great opening scene where a key plot point occurs, then you don’t see those characters again  until three quarters of the way into the movie?

That’s The Long Game.


Create engaging content that appeals to your prospects curiousity!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.