I thought this week, given the time of year and how so many people are thinking about their growth and plans for 2021,  it would be beneficial to talk about customer experience, or “CX.”

More often than not, when I am chatting with Practice Owners about what makes their clinic different from their main competitor, they say “well, we provide a better service than they do.”

That could be true.

However, it’s providing a better customer experience than your competitors that leads to increased conversions and client retention.

In fact, customers now base their loyalty on customer experience over price or product/service.

A recent study by PWC  found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

The customer experience begins the moment a potential lead becomes aware of your business, whether at a very basic,  or engaged level, and continues indefinitely!

Here is a great infographic from McKinsey that shows the consumer journey, from the first time they hear the name of your practice to the point that they become loyal, long-term customers.


we care written on book page


As business owners and as marketers, the goal is to design “magic moments” at each touchpoint that lead a customer to the next point in the journey.

As you are planning for 2021, some helpful prompts you could give yourself include:

  • How easy is it for a patient to find me and learn about me and my practice?
  • What do we actually sell? What solutions do I provide to a patient’s problems? (pain relief? flexibility? posture?) Is that clear to them?
  • Is the way the patient experiences my business online aligned to the experience of the service?
  • What is the customer experience like after a purchase? Are there more steps I could take to continue the relationship?
  • How can I reward and encourage loyalty?

These questions are, of course, all subjective and the answers will differ according to time, budget, capacity.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.