I bet you never thought a page about pricing could attract new business.

However, creating a pricing page for specific search terms is one of the lowest cost ways to start ranking and generating results on Google.

For the purpose of demonstrating what this means, I have chosen an example from Canada.

Specifically, a roof replacement business.

While this exact example isn’t relevant to your business, the same principles can be applied.

This page from Nailed It Roofing (love a pun in a business name!)  brings in several hundred visitors to their website who are interested in the price to replace their roof (pretty high intent to purchase!!)


This page has some very respectable numbers for a site with basically zero domain authority.




If you refer to the “Position” column on the far right, that is 1st position in Google search results for a number of cost and price related terms.

The search volumes are nothing mind-blowing, but it’s hard to argue with the bottom-funnel intent of these searches, they are very valuable!. Consider this an awesome way to get your practice off the ground with SEO, especially if you don’t have much authority.

Here are some ideas for easy keywords to get you started (just add your services):

  • cost to have X
  • average price of X
  • how much are X
  • typical X cost
  • how much should X cost
  • X pricing
  • estimated X cost

If you try this out on your website, I’d love to hear about your results.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.