I’ve kept these two little hacks close to my chest for some time now.

But hey, maybe it’s time to let these two cats out of the bag.

First off, in case you don’t know what FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) schema is, it’s the large pop out section which you can get to appear under your website when it appears in Google results:


FAQ Schema


I’m going to show you how from 🥱 to  hearty smile

It’s that easy! You can increase your Calls To Action by adding emojis and links in your FAQ schema.

Take a look for yourself, with an example from an unrelated industry:


Links and emojis to FAQ Schema


We have tested this pretty extensively and in most instances we can get them to appear A-OK. However, Google has a habit of randomly not showing FAQ schema without explanation.

So your mileage may vary 🤷.

My personal advice would be to make sure it’s in-line with your brand and don’t go nuts.

Also, here’s an FAQ schema generator and this is where I get my emojis.

You simply just need to add the FAQ schema onto your page once you have created it with the above website.

Enjoy this visually pleasing and also effective hack.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.