A few years ago Oracle did a study that showed you can increase the time people stay on your website by more than 100% by including a video.

Why would you want people to stay on your website longer?

The same reason supermarkets put milk at the back of the store and bread on the opposite wall… the longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they are to buy.


laptop showing woman doing physical training on video


If you don’t already have video on your website the first location to look at doing so is your homepage.

This should only be a maximum of two minutes.

Here are three important parts to include in your website welcome video:

1. A short benefit-driven statement  where you focus on the results you provide!

People are looking for information and solutions to their problems , for example, they may want to move beyond repetitive issues like pain, not enough time, any number of things.  They may also want to improve things like posture and overall health, and outside of the services you provide, achieve their dreams and goals, achieve greater success, celebrity or have an improved quality of life.

You have just a few seconds at the beginning of your website’s welcome video to reassure your viewers that they are in the right place; that you understand what they need and have a solution.

Start off with a statement or ask a question that taps into the emotion that your visitors are feeling. You know what it is because it’s what your perfect clients were feeling when they first came to you. Then tell the viewer the results that you deliver.

For example:

“If you are feeling frustrated and defeated over xxx, you are not alone.  Here at xxx we understand and provide tools and techniques to move you beyond harmful quick fix treatments and scam products and into

  • choosing to be healthy,

  • connecting that desire to your values and

  • taking actions that support that intention, so you can xxxxx just like our other patients.”

The formula is – name what the prospect is struggling with and the emotion that surrounds that struggle, tell them that you understand, and state the results you provided for your clients who also struggled with that same issue.

2. Explain what’s on your website that can help them right now!

In this section, offer them guidance by directing them to the places on your website where they can find FREE assistance right now – guide them, don’t pitch them!

People return to content driven websites that help them solve their problem or provide the information they are looking for.

Refer them to your blog, your free resources page, other videos that provide information, and whatever else you have that they can benefit from immediately.

In this part of the website welcome video you are building credibility as a trusted resource.

3. Call to action

People take action when given very specific directions.  When your website visitors go view all the great resources you just told them about in part 2 and find them to be valuable, they will want to reciprocate.

It makes sense then to close your website’s welcome video by directing them to what you’d like them to do.  For most,  the desired call to action is to have their leads call or opt-in to their email list.

Avoid asking for too much, don’t ask them to opt-in and also follow you on social media.  A better strategy would be to put your social media follow icons right by the opt-in box and also  encourage your newsletter readers to connect with you on social media.

Your website welcome video should only be two minutes max!

If you hook them in part 1, they’ll stick with you for the entire video.  And if you provide valuable content on your website, they’ll become regulars.

Bonus of video: Millennials love it 👶. They are twice as likely to engage a service provider who has a video.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.