With lockdowns upon us again, this week we are switching gears… Something entirely unrelated to marketing your business and getting more leads

Work From Home More Effectively.

Some of us live in a video conferencing work culture already , many more of you might be doing it for the first time, or the first time since the last time….

Still, working from home provides its challenges.

On a tiny screen, with a fuzzy image, where you are cutting in and out, the last thing you are projecting is confidence and competence.

Here are some simple recommendations, mostly technical, to ensure you continue to project leadership while on a tiny screen…

1. Please use a decent headset/earbuds. Your (my) laptop’s mic sucks way more than you (I) realise.

It is difficult to project leadership if people can’t hear you clearly.

2. Inevitably you are not going to hear someone on the call clearly. If so, turn on close captioning.

It is almost magical how good it is.

3. (If you don’t have it already) Consider investing in a mesh router. Good wifi = biblical eden. Entire parts of your home open up as workspaces – example, a chair planted under a tree from where I’m typing this!

Our home has Nest Wifi, it is excellent.

4. Keep your laptop camera at eye level. The view up our noses, of our room ceilings, is not as great as we might think. 🙂

I have stacked books on top of my table to raise my laptop’s camera to eye level. Trust me, you’ll love the results (as will your audience).

(Also if you need a good camera, grab an external 1080p Logitech camera)

5. The mute button in Hangouts/Zoom is a gift. Use it!

It will be your gift to all the other attendees. (In Hangouts, you can also mute any other attendee who is oblivious to ‘da noise and ‘da funk around them.)

6. Your kids or pets running into view are a lot less distracting than you might think.

We are all in this together, everyone understands.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.